Asset Tracing

Tracing People
An asset trace may commence with the tracing of the subject of enquiry. We also trace witnesses, beneficiaries and offenders, often working from limited information. Most people can be traced given the correct resources. DK&P has equipped itself with sophisticated databases and developed sources to provide a successful and economical tracing service. We define a trace as developing an address and confirming that it is current by two independent sources.

Pre-Litigation Status Reports
Prior to commencing expensive litigation it is necessary to know if a person or entity has sufficient assets to make the action worthwhile. DK&P specialises in providing intelligence to assist the client in assessing the worth of the person or company.

A defendant may take imaginative steps to dispose of property and investments. DK&P have the ability to trace hidden assets.

DK&P provides a worldwide asset search capability, working closely with the client to ensure that the enquiries focused on preferred jurisdictions